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Sewer Cleaning
$89.80 for Sewer Cleaning
I am writing to just send a thank you to Terry for his great service on 02/19/2015 for the job where we had a toilet overflow and sewage come up in the basement drain. The night before we first called a large plumbing company in the area. They arrived 8 hours after they said they would and put a camera down the drain in the basement. The guy doing the work made a lot of polite conversation then after finding the blocked area in the pipe said it was ice, and that it had expanded and broke the pipe. Next I was told he could have a crew out at the house at 9:30 AM to get started in fixing the pipe. All for $6500. I asked if he could snake the line and he said it wouldn’t break the ice. I was ready to say get going the large fix as I knew we needed the toilets working ASAP because my daughter was coming home for the weekend. Since it was below zero outside I thought what he said made sense. Anyway, my wife insisted we get a second opinion. That plumber seemed disappointed. Later in the night I was talking with a friend online and she recommended that I call Terry's Plumbing. So I did, and the next morning I received a return call. I mentioned to the person on the phone that the sewage pipe might be frozen, she asked how I knew, and I told her about the night before. So then Terry got on the line and asked about the issue, and I explained it. Right away he knew something was fishy about what had been explained to us by the plumber from that large plumbing company. So he assured me everything would be ok and that he’d come mid-morning to take a look. He arrived when he said he would and to make a long story short, he snaked the drain, the clog was removed and the toilets were flushing freely once again. What a relief! So, we wanted to thank Terry for being an honest plumber! He saved us from wasting $6350. Terry is now our go to plumber, and we will be recommending him to all of our friends and family!
Jim K.
February 21, 2015


I highly recommend anyone having plumbing problems to call Terry's Plumbing. My sewer had backed up over the weekend & I didn't know who to call that I could trust. My husband would have taken care of this but he passed away a few months ago so I am a single Mom with two small children. I asked my neighbor to recommend a plumber & he gave me Terry's Plumbing name. I called him saturday morning & he was out before noon & unclogged my sewer in less than an hour. I was given a very reasonable price over the phone before he came out & that is was I paid when he was done. I had many questions since my sewer had never backed up before & he answered all of them. He put me at ease & I will definitely use Terry's Plumbing again !!!!
February 16, 2012

Women- stay away. Scam artist who think women know nothing!

I had my sewer back up today. So I called Terrys Plumbing. The plumber came out and 'tried' to snake my drain. He said it wouldn't open and part of the line need replaced. When explaining the 'issue' he talked down to me as if i was a child. He gave me an estimate for the work $4,500.00!!!!!! My house is only five years old. I told the plumber to let me think about it and I will be in touch. So, I searched another plumber online for a second opinion. The second plumbing company had a licensed plumber come out and clear my drain right away. He explained it was near impossible for the pipe line to have gone bad already. How dumb does Terrys Plumbing think I am? Just because I am a woman doesn't mean I do not have common sense with Plumbing. Now I know to NEVER use them again. Had a bad vibe with the person in my home and experience over all!
Deb in101
February 10, 2012

Best Plumbing Service

We had a gas leak on the outside of my house and we had a plumbing co. come and try to tell us we had to run a whole new line. So we called Terry's Plumbing to get a second opinion and they told me there was no reason to have the line replaced and that it was just a leak at the gas meter. They had it taken care of in a few hours and we saved thousands. From now on they will be the only plumbing co. we use.
December 29, 2011

Professional and Reliable Plumber

I recently bought a new house and within the first month of being in my house I had a sewage problem in my basement. I was frantic so I called several local plumbers and received the best quote from Terry’s Plumbing. The plumber showed up on time, ran the camera down the sewer, found the problem and fixed it. He was very knowledgeable and polite. I was very pleased with the work and with the price and will call Terry’s for all my future problems.
Pens Fan
December 29, 2011
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