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KDKA-TV Investigator Andy Sheehan began his broadcast journalism career in September 1992.
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Joined KDKA: September 1992. I was a reporter with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette hired during the newspaper strike.
Hometown: Rumson, New Jersey
Alma Mater: Columbia University, New York

Music: Solidly, Bob and Bruce (Dylan/Springsteen) but hit to all fields. Rock, Country and Jazz. It’s all good.
Movie: “Chinatown”, The Godfather I and 2 (Not 3), “On the Waterfront”
TV Show: “The Sopranos”, “Breaking Bad”
Book: “The Great Gatsby”
Hobbies: Long distance running, cooking, writing
Sports Team: The Buccos
Food: Clams and lobsters on the Jersey Shore
Local Restaurant: Tessaro’s
Hidden PA Gem: The Laurel Ridge Hiking Trail
Sport/Exercise: Marathon running. Mostly half-marathons now.
Historical Figure: Lincoln, MLK, Bobby Kennedy
Favorite Pennsylvanian: My wife, Abigail
Quote: “He not busy being born is busy dying.” Dylan
Word: Yes
Vacation Spot: Ocean Grove, New Jersey
Holiday: Thanksgiving
Guilty Pleasure: Doing crosswords while watching the Pirates on TV.
Planet: Saturn

Facebook or Twitter? Twitter
Cats or Dogs? Dogs
Beatles or Rolling Stones? Beatles
Comedy or Tearjerker? Laughs
Phone Call or Text Message? Text
Mac or PC? PC
Coffee or Tea? Coffee in the morning, tea at night
Paper or Plastic? Paper
Morning Person or Night Person? Night
East Coast or West Coast? East Coast

KDKA-TV Investigator Andy Sheehan began his broadcast journalism career in September 1992, when he joined KDKA-TV after reporting for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette for nine years. Prior to that he worked for the Daily Register in Red Bank, New Jersey.

A member of the KD Investigators, Andy’s forte is the in-depth investigative story, exposing corruption and government waste. On a daily basis, he gives viewers the inside story on breaking events with exclusive reports and interviews. Through his network of sources, he has developed over the years, he keeps you on top of the news.

Andy is always out in front on the big stories, giving you the complete story behind the city’s fiscal woes, the recent grand jury probes into key political figures and the intrigues behind the slots legislation.

Born in Red Bank, New Jersey, Andy is a graduate of Columbia University.

Andy and his wife, Abigail, live with their two sons in Pittsburgh.

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Former State Lawmaker Charged With Stealing From Clients, Fraud

A former state lawmaker who has also been disbarred is now facing criminal charges.


KDKA Investigates: Pittsburgh Schools Superintendent Defends Travel Expenses

KDKA’s investigation has sparked a debate about travel expenses in the Pittsburgh Public School District.


KDKA Investigates: Thousands Of Dollars Spent On Pittsburgh Public School Travel

A KDKA investigation finds that in 2017, through the month of November, the Pittsburgh Public District spent $306,000 on travel expenses.


KDKA Investigates: City Streets Snow-Covered As Plow Operators Stay Home

KDKA has learned that many plow operators just didn’t come to work this weekend, leaving the city shorthanded during last week’s snow and ice storm.


Pittsburgh Public Schools Administration Official Placed On Paid Leave

A Pittsburgh Public Schools administration official is on paid leave.


Home Health Aide Accused Of Swindling Elderly Veteran Now Facing Eviction

A few weeks back we told you the sad tale of Don Cameron an aging U.S. Army vet who seems to have misplaced his trust in a home health aide named Melissa Miller.


KDKA Investigation: State Finds Major Concerns At Clairton Kennel

There are new developments in an investigation into a Clairton kennel after complaints about pets contracting the deadly parvovirus.


KDKA Investigates: Families Say Kennel Did Nothing About Deadly Parvovirus Outbreak

A woman says her newly-adopted dog got sick and died from the Parvovirus after going to the Gaydos-Behanna Kennel to be microchipped.


Pa. Fire Commissioner Tim Solobay Resigns As Harassment Complaint Resurfaces

State fire commissioner Tim Solobay stepped down Sunday with the resurfacing of a sexual harassment claim filed six years ago by an aide who worked for Solobay when he was still a state senator.


Christmas Chaos In The Strip District With Biggest Crowds Ever

Some people were waiting hours in Strip District on Friday to get what they needed for Christmas, but despite the chaos, there was still a festive atmosphere.


computer programming

KDKA Investigation: Retraining Program For Miners Sued

Some coal miners say they didn’t get the opportunities they were promised through a job training program.


North Side’s Light Of Life Move Clears One Hurdle, Faces More

Since the 1950s, the homeless have found a meal and bed inside the Light of Light Mission on the North Side, but now it’s moving.


KDKA Investigates: Home Health Aide Accused Of Taking Advantage Of Elderly Client

A local woman is accusing a health care aide of draining her step-father’s bank account and taking over his house.


Clock Ticking On Dreamers As Congress Mulls Solution

The clock is ticking for Dreamers with DACA set to expire, but congressional Democrats are pushing to have it renewed before the end of the year.


Audit Finds Financial Abuse In Struggling Duquesne School District

An audit by state Auditor General Eugene DePasquale found that a former Duquesne School District superintendent and four other employees used district funds as “their own personal piggy bank.”




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