• Pittsburgh Marathon 2018Thousands participated in the annual Dick's Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon, which spans 26.2 miles in downtown Pittsburgh.
  1. Linda Mersing says:

    Under 2010 Celebrity Deaths, Photo #23 lists the actress as Patricia Neal. Although Patricia Neal did pass away this year, the photo is actually of actress Patricia Barry, who I believe, is still alive and well. Thought someone might like to change the photos??

  2. l MCGREGOR says:


    1. Kieran says:

      Ted Kennedy passed away last year…

  3. Me says:

    What!!! Several of these people I doubt that your viewers even know, but you leave out LESLIE NIELSEN!!! That is just rude to not remember him!

  4. CW says:

    I thought Michael was a celebrity …..

  5. Debbie Hoover says:


    You forgot Jill Clayburg……

  6. Deborah Smith says:

    Why didn’t you report that Teena Marie died 12/26/10. I was so sorry to hear that and I kept watching news last night and all today to see if you would mention it. It’s a shame that you didn’t deem it news worthy to report.

  7. PSS says:

    Thats cause Micheal Jackson died June 9th, 2010 sorry CW

  8. muriel395 says:

    How sad we lost quite a few people last year. RIP

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