Does It Really Do That?

The Furminator. It claims to be the ultimate de-shedder. It says it will take out all that hair that ends up everywhere and for $36, it should, but does it really do that? The Furminator gets a definite thumbs up. One word of warning though, you want to do this outside.
Go Duster
The "Go Duster" promises to make dusting easier but does it really do that? We found the Go Duster works best on dusty wooden blinds.
Self Tanner
There are always self tanners, but when it comes to self tanners, it's not just "Do they really do that?", but do we really want to be the color that some of them turn us and for how long? Amy Adelman says, "I would buy two products. I would buy the Clairins definitely for upkeep. And I would buy the Salon Bronze just to have in case I needed to be tan because it did have a beautiful color."
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It's billed as a vacuum that cleans up, even when no one is home; but does it live up to the hype? KD Consumer Editor Yvonne Zanos agrees that the Roomba did a great job of sweeping up the dust and crumbs that can add up in between cleanings; but at a price of $279, she says it depends on how much you're willing to pay for that extra help around the house.
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The Eurosealer is a gadget that promises to be a real money saver, claiming you can now buy in bulk without worrying about food going bad or getting stale. But does it really do that? Overall, Shelley Cicchini gives the Eurosealer a thumbs up.
Space Bag
You've seen those space bags for storage that promise to triple your storage space… but are they truly a space saver or just a money waster? We're giving the space bag a thumbs down. There seems to be a 50 percent chance your bag will have a hole in it.
(Photo Credit: KDKA)
Big City Slider Station
You've probably seen the infomercial for a special pan that makes those little restaurant-style mini-burgers called "sliders." It's called the Big City Slider Station and sells for $20, plus shipping and handling. It promises you can make five mini burgers in minutes with no mess, but does it really do that… and do you really need this? In the end, the Big City Slider Station does really do that. It just isn't quite as easy to clean up as it promises.
(Photo Credit: KDKA)
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    Where is the link to all the other products?

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      I also hate this new site. It is slow and not user friendly at all.

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    I can’t find the link either. HATE this new site.

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    I also hate the new site. I can’t find the other products either. The new format of the site is SO unorganized!

  • Betty Bennett

    I agree with everybody else…iI alwats went to your newpaper to help me check out “As Seen On TV” items. I thught your people did a good job check the items out.

  • Suzanne

    Where are the links, and why doesn’t Does it really do that have its own section?

  • Suzanne

    PS. I want to see the videos of does it really do that. The videos gave much more information, and let me make a very informed decision. If all you have now is a photo and a snip it of what you think, you might as well take this section off. I’ll go else where for reviews.

  • Nelson Sarver

    KDKA was the site I always came to for my news and information. This new site stinks. From now on I will be using WPXI to get my news.

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    This new site stinks!!!!!! Get rid of it.

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    this site,is a joke, bring back the oldie but goodie site.

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    I agree, this site is not a friendly site. Looking and reading of the product does not show the truth of the product. go back to the old way!!!!!

  • Tanya

    “We’ve put together links to all the “Does It Really Do That?” reports”

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    I agree with all of the above, bring back the old site.

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    Where are the links? What is the problem with this new site? Do we have children running this?

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    how do you submit your rquests for “doesit really do that”? I wanted to know if the Gyro Bowl really works.

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    I agree with everyone else, this site stinks. you can’t find anything.

  • Ron

    We’ve put together links to all the “Does It Really Do That?” reports, so you can read about how each product fared and see what our testers had to say!

    You say you have links, but I don’t see then.

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    Looks like I’m not the only one who thinks the new site sucks. Did CBS come down from on high and take over? Looks like I’ll go elsewhere too.

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    Where are the items that you’ve tested? This stinks. The old site was much easier to follow.

  • Ed

    Doesn’t anyone from KDKA or CBS read these comments? Many people, including me, are upset that the “Does it really do that” link doesn’t really do what it used to, and that is, allow you to view or read all of the previous product reviews done since this segment became popular some time ago. A lot of people are suggesting that the website should be returned to it’s previous format. I would argue that such a step is not necessary, just tell us how to access an archive where we can have what we’ve had before.. So, KDKA, where is the link? If no such link exists please create one.


    The new site is simply awful! It truly demonstrates that old adage, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” I used to look forward to seeing “Does It Really Do That” videos on-line. I am switching to WTAE for my on-line news links from now on.

  • Betty Bennett

    I want the old Does It Really Do That? website back!!!!!!!!!!

  • dh

    after all this time and its still not fixed… i would like to watch the videos some time this year please

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    agreed, it stinks. I wanted to check things out, and see if a product really works.

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