• Pittsburgh Marathon 2018Thousands participated in the annual Dick's Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon, which spans 26.2 miles in downtown Pittsburgh.
  1. Marvin/ Geri Washington says:

    My wife and I are seniors who are living in slumlord conditions. My wife (62) and I (soon to be 60), suffering a work related injury since Nov. 2009. The landlord promised to paint and do other things in the apt. She has multiple properties and we are the only ones living in this “3” story bldg. on the “2nd” floor. WE have peeling paint over the kitchen table, have to pay an electric bill if our budget goes over $25 while we never see a bill, she put a partial railing up the 16 stairs to theour floor. I use a cane and crutches and the short rail makes it hard to get up the stairs! My Mom who is in Phila. is “98”, in a nursing home, and we’re trying to prepare to get there as she is in the last stages of Dementia. I’m an honorably discharged Marine Veteran who suffers depression and anxiety, but the killer is that the landlord has tapped into our gas to heat her basement pipes and we recieved a bill last mth. in excess of $450 which we can,t pay and it’s going to be a problem trying to get her to pay it. We are praying for your help as the gas co. stated that we would have to pay and collect from her for it. I served my country as did my wife, can’t afford legal help and wish you could help us old people as we are human to!!! 551 Chautauqua St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 15214 (Northside). Please help!!!!!!!! 412-537-9770 Please contact us for more morbid details.

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