• Pittsburgh Marathon 2018Thousands participated in the annual Dick's Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon, which spans 26.2 miles in downtown Pittsburgh.
  1. Paula Blose says:

    I met Kris Letang at Emma’s Big Birthday Bash Fund raiser for Cystic Fibrosis a few weeks back. What a nice young man. We sat at a table together to raise money for a cure. I had no idea who he was since I do not follow hockey. He is someone the young people can look up to. What an impression he made on me. I had no clue what an All-Star player was. I do now. He made my co-worker’s son very happy with the nice autograph he so kindly gave me.

  2. Katelyn says:

    What a great story! Our players have been known to be really nice to talk to and very willing to make people happy. Your very lucky!

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