• Pittsburgh Marathon 2018Thousands participated in the annual Dick's Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon, which spans 26.2 miles in downtown Pittsburgh.
  1. Bob says:

    Just watch your 11/14/11 show to see what my copper boiler that my mother had in 1950 they said it is worth $3000 to $5000 which I fine hard to believe because I then looked on ebay and seen 20 to 25 selling between $50 t0 $100.How do they detemine
    that price because I will sell my for $3000 to $5000. Thanks BoB

  2. Ann says:

    I was wondering about the same thing.I logged on to this website hoping to find an answer. Please check with the appraiser and reply,there are alot of others wanting to know. Ann

    1. Bob says:

      Ann,thanks for your reply.If you hear of any thing for them I hope that you will forward it to me.I thought about contact the Heinz History Center.
      Tank You Bob

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