Air Conditioning

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Switch To New Refrigerant Likely To Boost Cost For Consumers

With a string of 80-degree days ahead, chances are good your air conditioner will get lots of use.


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More Hot & Humid Weather Expected Today

Monday was hot and humid and that won’t change much in the near future.


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Summer Heat Is Leaving Some Pittsburghers Miserable

People are doing what they can to beat the heat as Pittsburgh braces for a week of hot days.


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New Regulations Raise The Cost Of Keeping Cool

If you need to have coolant added to your air conditioner this summer, brace yourself. You might be in for a shock because the price of staying cool is about to go up.


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Fire Out At Allegheny General Hospital

Firefighters put out a fire on the roof of Allegheny General Hospital. Smoke could be seen coming from the south tower.


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Geothermal Cuts Consumers’ Heating, Cooling Bills

If you want an eco-friendly replacement for your old, electric heat pump that could end up cutting your home cooling and heating bills in half, then a Geothermal system just may be the way to go.


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Consumers Encouraged To Conserve Energy On Hot Days

Water – whether you are drinking it or getting in it – is one way to deal with the heat. The other is air conditioning. The problem with that is as people come home for work, there is a spike in power usage – all about the same time.