Judgment Against Pittsburgh Athletic Association ExecutedThe Allegheny County Treasurer has announced that the Allegheny County Sheriff executed a judgement against the Pittsburgh Athletic Association.
Natrona's Boathouse Hotel Closed For Delinquent Taxes The county treasurer has closed the Boathouse Hotel for not paying the county alcohol and beverage tax.
County Continues To Crack Down On Drink Tax Two more Allegheny County bars are getting padlocked after failing to pay the drink tax.
Property Tax Deadline Extended Due To ErrorProperty owners in Allegheny County have extra time to pay this year’s tax bill. That's because the first round of tax bills printed are wrong, over-charging you. And now, it's the county that will have to pay to fix the problem.
Rob Pratte's Family Portrait Of John WeinsteinRob Pratte continued his family portrait series with Allegheny County county Treasure John Weinstein and his father Mel.
Allegheny County Treasurer Defends 35 Percent RaiseTaxpayers are not in a good mood and public officials assigning themselves a hefty raise rubs them the wrong way.

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