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Beaver County Courthouse Ablaze With Rumors

Courthouse drama is usually confined to the courtroom, but now the entire Beaver County Courthouse is ablaze with rumors and allegations, and the state police have been called in to sort it all out.


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Convenience Store Raided In Monaca

Complaints about what was allegedly being sold at the CoGo’s convenience store in Monaca, Beaver County, resulted in a raid Thursday by the DEA, Monaca Police and the DA’s office.


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Bishop Zubik Talks Allegations On KD/PG Sunday Edition

Pittsburgh Roman Catholic Bishop David Zubik this week got out in front of a sexual abuse allegation that was made against him. The district attorney who investigated said there was no validity to the allegation and that he is offended by the charge.


(Credit: KDKA)

Man Making Allegations Against Bishop Zubik Tells Story

The man making accusations of inappropriate contact against Bishop David Zubik has been communicating with KD Investigator Marty Griffin for nearly two months. KDKA-TV decided not to pursue the story – unable to verify any of his claims.


(Credit: KDKA)

Woman Accused Of Stealing Thousands From In-Laws

Lori Purnell of Ohioville, Beaver County, is accused of stealing the life savings — tens of thousands of dollars — from her in-laws, according to a criminal complaint filed by Brighton Township police and Beaver County detectives.


(Credit: KDKA)

Search Warrant Issued In Beaver County Facebook Page Probe

BEAVER (KDKA) — State police and the Beaver County District Attorney are working together to make arrests after the creation of a Facebook page insulting to young women. During a press conference Thursday, State police […]



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