Bring Your Finds To Heinz History Center For “Pittsburgh’s Hidden Treasures”

Appraisers will be back to appraise your old antiques.


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Ever wonder if any of that stuff that you've tucked away in your basement or attic is a valuable antique? On Sunday, Aug. 19, some of the area's top appraisers will once again be on hand at the Heinz History Center to help uncover some of "Pittsburgh's Hidden Treasures!" From 10 a.m. until 4 p.m., experts will to appraise up to two items for each visitor to the History Center (and our cameras will be there taping the segments for another season of our antiques appraisal TV show). We're taking a look back at some of the most valuable items uncovered so far! (Source: KDKA)

Experts To Appraise Your Hidden Treasures

Ever wonder if an old toy or painting that’s been gathering dust in your attic might actually be a valuable antique? Or if your collection of sports memorabilia might be worth a big payday someday? Now’s your chance to find out what those hidden treasures in your house are really worth!