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Australian Study Shows Anger Increases Risk Of Heart Attack

Two new studies are highlighting some factors that may increase a person’s risk of developing certain cardiovascular issues.


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Advanced Pharmaceutical Recalls Enteric-Coated Aspirin

Advanced Pharmaceutical issued a voluntary recall for a batch of enteric-coated aspirin.


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Aspirin & Women: Young Brains In Old Age?

Will a daily baby aspirin keep the brain young in old age? A study of older Swedish women suggests there may be something to that.


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Study: Aspirin Shows Promise In Cancer Prevention

Researchers for the American Cancer Society looked at more than 100,000 older adults taking aspirin for heart disease prevention. They found taking a daily aspirin was linked to a 16 percent lower risk of cancer death.


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Can Aspirin Help Prevent & Fight Cancer?

A daily regimen of aspirin is known to help battle heart disease, but a new study suggests it may help prevent and fight cancer as well.