Bill Todaro

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Unidentified Tick-Like Bugs Cause Concern For Residents

The Allegheny County Health Department says they have been getting a lot of calls about swarms of unidentified flying objects, some sort of black bug that looks like a tick.


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Bat Disease Epidemic Could Lead To Increase In Insects

A disease affecting the bat population could lead to an increase in mosquitoes this summer.


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‘Tis The Season For A Stink Bug Invasion

Some people in our area are reporting an invasion of stink bugs. Bill Todaro, an entomologist from the Allegheny County Health Department, says less daylight make the bugs bug you.


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Bed Bugs Still A Problem Locally

Health care settings like hospitals or long-term care facilities are vulnerable to bed bug infestations.


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Caulking, Sealing Cracks First Defense Against Stink Bugs

Stink bugs are back and while they’d prefer a hollow tree or cave for the cold weather months, squeezing their way into our houses through any possible opening is the next best thing.


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Facts About Mosquitoes You May Not Have Known

Summer means time outdoors, and time outdoors can be shared with mosquitoes. How much do you know about these pesky pests?