7 Easy Mistakes Could Alter Blood Pressure ReadingsSome people are being misdiagnosed with elevated pressure because of simple mistakes being made when they get their pressure taken.
Half Of U.S. Adults Have High Blood Pressure In New GuidelinesNew medical guidelines lower the threshold for high blood pressure, adding 30 million Americans to those who have the condition.
Study Looks At Borderline High Blood Pressure And Stroke RiskDavid Larson, 65, was first diagnosed with borderline high blood pressure, or pre-hypertension, in his mid-20s.
New Device May Cut Need For Blood Pressure Medications Justin Rushin's blood pressure was way higher than the normal 120 over 80, despite increasing amounts of medicine.
How Accurate Are Blood Pressure Machine Readings?We've all seen them; maybe you use them, those blood pressure machines in drugs stores or supermarkets. But how accurate are the readings they give you?
Study: Blood Pressure Drug May Reduce Risk For DementiaNew research shows people taking certain blood pressure drugs could be helping their brains as well.
Eyes And Your HealthThey say the eyes are the windows to the soul, but for doctors, they can actually be windows for something else: your health.
Study: Young Adults Developing High Blood PressureResearchers looked at more than 14,000 people between ages 24 and 32 and found that one in five had elevated blood pressure. Only half had ever been told.
Study: Blood Pressure, Cholesterol Could Affect Memory

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