Bricelyn Street

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Convicted Arsonist To Be Retried Over Fire That Killed 3 Firefighters

The man convicted of starting a fire 20 years ago that killed three firefighters will be re-tried.


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Officials Say Fatal East Hills Fire Caused By Items Too Close To Space Heater

Authorities in western Pennsylvania say flammable items that were too close to a space heater could have started an early morning fire that killed a woman.


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Woman Dies In 3-Alarm East Hills Fire

Firefighters are working to determine the cause of an East Hills fire that left one woman dead early Friday morning.


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Judge Grants Bond For Suspect Bricelyn Street Fatal Fire Suspect

A judge has granted what could be considered a split decision in the bond hearing for Greg Brown, the man who has served 19 years in prison for a house fire in Homewood-Brushton that killed three Pittsburgh firefighters.


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Judge Grants New Trial For Suspect In Bricelyn Street Fatal Fire

It was a tragedy that shook the City of Pittsburgh 19 years ago, three Pittsburgh firefighters killed at a house fire in Homewood.


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Group Claims New Evidence In Bricelyn Street Fire

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – February will mark the 16th anniversary of a tragedy that has long sat heavy on the hearts of Pittsburgh. The fatal Bricelyn Street fire claimed the lives of three Pittsburgh firefighters. Greg […]