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Warrant Issued For Wilkinsburg Teen In School Fight Video

A 14-year-old middle school student in Wilkinsburg who was reportedly going to face charges after video of a fight in a boy’s bathroom is now wanted.


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Burgettstown High School Student’s Mother Speaks Out Against Bullying

A local mother is speaking out about bullying after she says her son became a target. It can happen in any school district, in any community; and administrators in Burgettstown are now trying to diffuse a number of bullying incidents at the middle and high school.


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Harlem Globetrotter Takes A Stand Against Bullying

Sometimes it takes a famous face to make a point and that is what happened Monday morning at St. Mary’s School . A member of the Harlem Globetrotters made an appearance at the school to discuss bullying.


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Talking To Your Kids About Bullying

Being the victim of a relentless bully can be a distraction and even a danger to kids. As a parent, it is important to recognize the signs of bullying, know how to talk to your children about bullies and establish an appropriate reaction to a bully situation.


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Sociology Professor Discusses Bullying Problems In School

KDKA Radio’s Chris Moore talks with Dr. Jessie Klein, assistant professor of Sociology and Criminal Justice at Adelphi University.

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Concerns Growing Over Smartphone App & Bullying

Some local teens say they’re depressed, even suicidal because other kids are using a free phone application called “SimSimi” to harass them. It’s supposed to make you laugh, but it has some teenage girls crying and worse.


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Workplace Bullying On The Rise In Pa.

Many of us have had a bully for a boss or co-worker at one point or another in our careers. As a result, dealing with workplace bullying can put some people in precarious situations.



How Can You Help Prevent Bullying?

Whether you are a parent or a current student, chances are you have encountered bullying at some point in your academic career. But with the rise of the Internet in the past decade – and social media sites in particular – bullying has a new and ever-changing face.

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IUP Professor Allegedly Made Homophobic Comments Before

More accusations of bullying against a professor at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. An IUP graduate has contacted KDKA-TV to say the same thing happened to him five years ago with the same professor, and he says his heart broke when he heard that it had happened to someone else.


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Strongman Works To Prevent Bullying

Jon Pritikin, a motivation speaker and one of the world’s strongest men, talks to students about how to stand-up to bullying.



How To Handle Bullying In A New School Year

KDKA AM’s Larry and John talk to a bullying prevention trainer on how to talk to your kids about bullying.


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Study Finds Connection Between Bullying, Domestic Violence

A new study suggests there is a link between childhood bullying and domestic violence. The Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine published the study online.


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Somerset Bullying Incident Recorded, Posted On Facebook

Three teenage girls are facing charges for a fight that was recorded and then posted on Facebook.


Bullying Prevention

It’s an important issue for children and parents in our area and across the country. President Barack Obama says children should not have to accept bullying as an inevitable part of growing up. On March […]