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Latest Port Authority Service Changes

The Port Authority is making some service changes.


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Port Authority’s Real-Time Tracking System

The Port Authority is expanding its bus tracking system.


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Rockefeller Foundation Grant Aimed At Bringing Faster Bus Service To City

Pittsburgh is one of four cities getting a special grant from the Rockefeller Foundation. It’s aimed at bringing faster bus service between two parts of the city.


Holiday Weekend Port Authority Services Changes

If you’re using the trolley or buses this weekend, be ready for some delays.


Port Authority Route & Schedule Adjustments

If you take the bus or T to work, you might want to check your schedule before heading out the door.


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Port Authority, Union Willing To Continue Negotiations

Allegheny County Council is looking to divert $5 million in excess drink tax collections to help out the Port Authority.


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MegaBus Names Pittsburgh As New Hub

While the Port Authority has slashed service by 15 percent, another bus company is expanding its service from Pittsburgh.


Port Authority Service Changes

Despite last-minute pleas for more negotiation time, the Port Authority is now set to put in place drastic cuts to bus service beginning on Sunday.


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Port Authority Rate Hikes Go Into Effect

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Commuters coming into Pittsburgh Monday morning got their first experience with new Port Authority service rates. The new fares are for all bus routes, the Mon Incline and T service. The Zone […]