Carnegie Museum of Art

Visitor's Guide To The Carnegie Museum Of ArtIf you're looking for a day out full of culture, learning and fun, look no further than the Carnegie Museum Of Art. From art history to special exhibits, you can study and learn about a wide array of art and artists while enjoying a day out in the city.
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Best Upcoming Museum Exhibits In PittsburghA tour of Pittsburgh's finest museums are a great way to spend some quality time with your sweetie, or even your mom.
Best Sketching Classes In PittsburghWhether you're an accomplished sketch artist or a novice looking to master the art of the pencil, these five sketching classes in Pittsburgh will help you become a master of the craft.
Gulf Tower Lights Set To Display City’s Mood As Part Of New Art Exhibit
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Best Museum Tours In PittsburghTake a trip to one of these five museums in the Steel City and enjoy a fun and educational tour.
Best Kids Art Classes In PittsburghKids love to express themselves through play, music and imagination, so why not get your little maestro involved in the arts as well?
CMU Computer Club Discovers Digital Works By Andy Warhol CMU students help with the recovery of long lost Warhol art work.
Best Pottery Painting Classes For Kids In PittsburghHere are some places in and around Pittsburgh that offer pottery painting classes that allow children to create a work of art from start to finish.
"Teenie Harris Photographs: Baseball In Pittsburgh" Opens At Carnegie Museum Of ArtTwenty-five years ago, Teenie Harris showed us his catalog of photographs, spanning four decades of urban life for the Pittsburgh Courier.
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