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"You can eat and drink in my car. That is one of my favorite things."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Kelly At Big Dog Coffee

“My car does not have very many fancy things.” – Kelly and her Jeep Compass


"I'm gonna keep driving this thing until it doesn't drive anymore."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Matt On East Carson Street

“This car brought my babies home from the hospital. It’s seen a lot of good times.” – Matt and his Subaru Forester


"She's sort of like the Kim Kardashian of cars."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Suzanne At Frick Park

“I drive all over town doing awesome Pittsburgh things.” – Suzanne and her Dodge Caliber


"I think the engine of this car will outlive its body."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: J.J. In Mount Washington

“It’s the best car I’ve ever had.” – JJ and his Chevrolet Cavalier


"Where can I go next?"

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Michelle At Highland Park Reservoir

“I was coming home about five in the afternoon and a drunk driver drove into my lane.” – Michelle and her Honda Accord


"This is my square panda mascot."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Angelina At Fox Chapel Yacht Club

“I have a little button to turn on 20 different colored LED lights.” – Angelina and her Nissan Cube


"I drive about 300 miles a week."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Thomas At The Churchill Valley Country Club

“After surviving two accidents, I refer to my truck as Ironman.” – Thomas and his Izuzu Truck


"Would you like a ride?"


“The third day I had my truck, I wrecked it!” – Matthew and his Dodge Dakota Ultra


"This is a serious bike and I'm a serious rider."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Wade At Gatto Cycle Diner

“I used to work at this diner as a teenager!” – Wade and his Harley Davidson


"My car makes me happy."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Emily At Homestead Stacks

“I hope my children get to drive this car.” – Emily and her Mini Cooper


"A bird in its nest is worth two in the hand."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Nonie At Frick Park

“I got my car two weeks before I adopted my daughter and they were both life-changing events.” – Nonie and her Toyota Prius


"I always use good posture when I drive."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Peter At Frick Mansion

“My car is my home away from home.” – Peter and his Toyota Scion


(Photo Credit: KDKA)

Vehicles Smeared With Paint Overnight In Millvale

Several vehicles were damaged along a street in Millvale when paint was poured and smeared all over them during the overnight hours.


"I hate driving downtown because people walk wherever they want."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Ashley At Carnegie Free Library

“Other cars may be newer or better looking, but I like this one because it’s mine.” – Ashley and her Chevrolet Cavalier


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Can Smaller Cars Cost You More In The Long Run?

Bigger cars get better insurance rates, and small economy cars can cost hundreds more. That’s the word from Jennifer Waters’ Consumer Reporter at Marketwatch.com Friday.

NewsRadio 1020 KDKA–02/10/2012