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A Guy’s Guide To Chicken Avo Pie

Are you a guy who feels intimidated in the kitchen? Get over the fear of cooking with this chicken avo pie recipe from Dan Churchill, author of “DudeFood.”


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Chef Anthony’s Grilled Chicken Noodle Soup

Looking for a winter favorite? Give this fresh take on chicken noodle soup a try!


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Kids Get A Taste Of Farm Life By Renting Chickens

Local students are getting a taste of farm life by renting a chicken.


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Chicken Lettuce Wraps

For a healthy food option, try chef Anthony Marino’s chicken lettuce wraps!


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Consumer Reports’ Study Reveals Dangers In Chicken

If you eat chicken, a concerning report came out today potential health risks.


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Heinz Red Zone: Oven-Roasted Barbecued Chicken

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Cook up this delicious recipe from Rania Harris at your next tailgating party! This week on the Steelers Huddle, Rania is making Oven-Roasted Barbecued Chicken in the Heinz Red Zone! Don’t forget […]


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Heinz Red Zone: Caribbean-Style Chicken Wings

Impress your friends at your next tailgating party with this recipe from Rania Harris!


Reser’s Fine Foods Recalls 23,000 Pounds Of Meat

A Kansas company is recalling some chicken, ham and beef products.


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Heinz Red Zone: Chicken Quesadillas

This week on the Steelers Huddle, Rania is making Chicken Quesadillas in the Heinz Red Zone!


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Heinz Red Zone: Chicken Tacos

Add a little spice to your next tailgate party with this tasty recipe from Rania Harris! This week on the Steelers Huddle, Rania is making Chicken Tacos in the Heinz Red Zone!


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Chef Bill Fuller Recipe: Chicken, Wild Chanterelles, Corn & Basil

If you’re looking for a delicious new recipe to try, be sure to give this one a try from Chef Bill Fuller!


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Chicken Ruffling Feathers At Zone 2 Police Station

Something strange was spotted at the Zone 2 Pittsburgh Police station Friday.


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New Research Shows Mediterranean Diet Is Good For Heart Health

The Mediterranean Diet has been around for some time, but Spanish research published Monday in the New England Journal of Medicine claims a 30 percent reduction in heart disease, primarily strokes, compared to those favoring a low-fat diet.


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Nutri-Vet Chicken Jerky Products Recalled

A number of Nutri-Vet products are being recalled because of possible salmonella contamination.


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Man Facing Charges In Alleged Family Fight Over Baked Chicken

A Fayette County man is facing charges after allegedly getting into a fight with his son and daughter-in-law when he was served chicken that was baked instead of fried.