New Device Claims To Ease Pain Without Pills, SurgeryThere’s a new device that claims to ease your pain with no pills and no surgery. But does it provide nothing more than temporary relief?
Pitt Researchers Studying How To Keep Back Pain From Becoming Long-Term ProblemJust about everyone has back pain at some point in their life.
New Generation Of Spinal Cord Stimulators Could Help Banish PainIn 2004, a horse fell on Paul Hoag's right leg and broke his ankle. The fractures healed, but Paul was left with swelling, discoloration, and chronic pain.
Study Shows Chronic Pain Affecting High Number Of VeteransSomething is attacking our military service members, and it often shows up after the battle is over.
Things Not To Do When Treating Chronic PainFrom your head to your back to your legs, no matter where it is when you have a pain, you just want it to stop. But did you know there's a whole list of things you should never do to treat pain?

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