Peduto Throws Cold Water On Penn Ave. Lane ReductionAfter two fatal bicycle accidents, there are calls for major changes along a stretch of Penn Avenue to fix what bike advocates say is an unsafe roadway.
City Council Sends Marcellus Shale Drilling Bill To Planning CommissionA Pittsburgh City Councilman says he wants to see Marcellus Shale drilling within city limits. City Council discussed the bill proposed by Councilman Patrick Dowd which would allow some drilling in the city, but with strict guidelines.
URA Calls For Civic Arena Site To Be Declared BlightedWhile the Civic Arena is still not yet demolished, the city’s Planning Commission is considering a step in redeveloping the site.
City Council Delays Action On Civic Arena VoteAfter emotional debate at city council over the fate of the Civic Arena, Councilman Doug Shields proposed a delay hoping to bring former Governor Ed Rendell to the table to explore the land deal regarding the arena.
Planning Commission Votes To Tear Down Arena

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