Colon Cancer

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Is Sitting For Long Hours At Work The New Smoking?

The average worker spends over five hours and 40 minutes sitting at their job every day and a new study says it’s bad for your health, with some claiming the long-term effects of sitting can be as bad as smoking.

Dr. Michael Jensen from the Mayo Clinic joined Larry and John to talk about a study they conducted.

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Pitt Researchers Exploring Possibility Of Colon Cancer Vaccine

Could a vaccine someday prevent cancer? Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh are exploring this possibility for colon cancer.


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Study To Use Cholesterol Drug To Fight Colon Cancer

In a National Cancer Institute study, a cholesterol drug is thought to interfere with a protein colon cancer cells need to divide.


Colon Cancer Study

People recently diagnosed with a Stage I or II colon cancer and interested in the study should contact AGH at 412.359.6464. A list of other sites in North America that are participating in the study […]


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Super Bowl Dream Comes True For Colon Cancer Patient

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — It’s the dream of a lifetime for Paula Smith – the chance to see her beloved Steelers play in the Super Bowl. Suffering from inoperable colon cancer and already having outlived her […]