Connie Lucey

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Contractors Begin Clearing Hoarder’s Former Apartment

The cleanup started Friday inside of an apartment that was the home of a habitual hoarder. A week ago, Allegheny County Sheriff’s deputies ordered Ken Goldsmith out of his apartment in Friendship after a 10-month battle with his landlord, Connie Lucey.


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Hoarder Evicted From Friendship Apartment

A man labeled as a hoarder by authorities is out of his apartment in Friendship. Ken Goldsmith grabbed three bags and walked out Friday. He had refused to leave for 10 months.


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Hoarder’s Landlord Brings Excrement To Court

A local woman’s yearlong battle to get a hoarder out of her apartment has taken an ugly turn. Connie Lucey says a tenant who refuses to leave her Friendship apartment in now buried under 10-feet of garbage.


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So-Called Hoarder In Friendship Faces Eviction This Week

Allegheny County sheriff’s deputies posted an eviction notice for 11 a.m. Thursday to the door of Ken Goldsmith’s apartment. Goldsmith, a so-called hoarder, lives in Pittsburgh’s Friendship neighborhood.


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Health Department Steps In To Resolve Hoarder Situation

A landlord is trying to get a hoarder out of an apartment in Pittsburgh’s Friendship neighborhood and now the Allegheny County Health Department is stepping in.


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Landlord Fights To Get Hoarder Evicted

Garbage and junk piled high – insects buzzing around the ceiling. That is how investigators describe the apartment of a man they call a hoarder. And they say – this is not the first time he has done this.