Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports Tests Amazon’s $50 TabletThe Amazon ad for its new $50 Fire tablet says it has the power and features you want for the price of a tank of gas.
Consumer Reports’ Turkey Do’s And Don’tsA perfect roast turkey is a beautiful centerpiece at Thanksgiving. But, be careful how you prepare it.
Consumer Reports: Be Wary When Buying Meds OnlineAlmost 2 million Americans are trying to save money by buying medications online, according to a recent Consumer Reports survey. But government investigators have found that many rogue pharmacies peddle bad drugs online that can cause serious harm.
Consumer Reports: Tips To Slash Your Energy BillsConsumer Reports says that you can cut your home energy costs by finding and fixing your home’s problem areas.
Consumer Reports: Is Pet Insurance Worth It?Guess what’s one of the fastest-growing employee benefits? Insurance for cats and dogs.
Consumer Reports: Top-Earning Reward CardsConsumer Reports sifted through more than 90 rewards programs and came up with the cards that—if you play them right—can give you the most in cash back and free goods and services.
Consumer Reports Investigates Tire Tread-Wear ClaimsConsumer Reports tested the tread life of 47 tires — two samples of each — to check tread life claims by manufacturers.
Consumer Reports: Should You Buy An Ultra HD TV?Consumer Reports seeks to answer if now is the right time to purchase an ultra high-definition television or hold off.
Consumer Reports Rates Top Pressure WashersPressure washers are handy cleanup tools. But their powerful spray can be dangerous; more than 6,000 people each year wind up in the emergency room.
Consumer Reports: Apple Laptops Least Likely To Have Problems With AgeIf you have an older laptop, prepare for it to stop working. Consumer Reports’ latest survey found that laptops more than three years old are much more likely to break.
Consumer Reports Assesses Effectiveness & Safety Of New Sleep MedicineFor people with insomnia, there’s a new prescription sleep drug called Belsomra. It acts differently on the brain than current medications like Ambien.
Consumer Reports: Cutting Teen Car Insurance CostsGetting a driver’s license is a big milestone for teenagers and their families. But along with that is the worry of rocketing insurance premiums.
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