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‘Pittsburgh Dad’ Apologizes For Video Rant About Penguins

A Pittsburgh celebrity is taking some heat for a rant about one of our local sports teams over the weekend.


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“Pittsburgh Dad” Honored With His Own Smiley Cookie

“How’s come this place is called Eat n’ Park instead of Park n’ Eat? Maybe there’s something on the Wickerpedia about it.” With those words, the Internet sensation known as “Pittsburgh Dad” opens this week’s segment.


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“Pittsburgh Dad” Creators Talk About New Kennywood Video

“Pittsburgh Dad” has explored our city, and its quirks, from one end to the other.


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“Pittsburgh Dad” Training Camp Video Tops 50,000 YouTube Views

A comedy segment called “Pittsburgh Dad” has been a YouTube sensation ever since the first segment aired a couple of years ago. But the newest entry, featuring coach Mike Tomlin at Pittsburgh Steelers training camp, may top them all.


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‘Pittsburgh Dad’ Becoming YouTube Sensation

“Run the ball! You should be passing the ball all day! Run the football!” The contradictory lines are shouted from a living room couch, in the “Steelers” episode of “Pittsburgh Dad.”