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Best Bars For Bachelor Parties In Pittsburgh

When it’s your last night on the town as a single guy, you need to celebrate in style and with tons of fun. Check out these five bars considered among the best for bachelor parties in Pittsburgh.


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Best Bars To Spend Your Tax Return/Celebrate End of Tax Day In Pittsburgh

Pop a bottle or raise a glass to a hefty tax refund, or the end of tax season, at one of these upscale bars considered among the best in Pittsburgh.


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Best EDM Bars Or Clubs In Pittsburgh

If you’re ready to hit up the best dance clubs in Pittsburgh, put on your boogie shoes and shake it at these five EDM bars and clubs.


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Best Ways To Party Like A Movie Star In Pittsburgh

If you’re looking to get in touch with your inner movie star this Oscar season, here are five of the best ways to party like a movie star in Pittsburgh.


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Brett Keisel Shears The Beard

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Brett Keisel’s famous beard is now history. The beard took on a life of its own during the Steelers’ playoff run with a t-shirt, Twitter account and two Facebook fan pages. Keisel […]


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“Shear The Beard” Event To Raise $ For Charity

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — It had its own Facebook page, Twitter account and even its own t-shirt. For a while, Brett Keisel’s beard seemed to have a life, and a celebrity, all its own. “I shampoo […]


“Shear The Beard” Event

For a while, Brett Keisel’s beard seemed to have a life, and a celebrity, all its own. But now that football season is over, it’s time for perhaps the most famous facial hair in Pittsburgh […]