Different Kind Of Parkinson's Disease Treatment Showing Promising SignsWhile there is no cure, a different kind of treatment for Parkinson’s disease is showing promise.
'Chemo Bath' Being Used To Target Difficult To Treat Cancers In AbdomenWhen cancer forms in places like the abdomen, it can be hard to target the treatment. But, there is an approach that can fight it.
U.S. Approves 1st Drug Developed To Prevent Chronic MigrainesThe Food and Drug Administration has approved the first new class of migraine drugs to stop headaches before they even start.
Robotic Guide Dogs To Medical Testing: Hundreds Of Young Scientists Compete In Science & Engineering FairFrom all over the world, 1,800 young scientists have come to the David L. Lawrence Convention Center to compete in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.
Once-A-Day Pill Offers Safe, Effective Relief From Morning SicknessMorning sickness during pregnancy is no joke, but now there's a new and simple way to prevent it.
Research Suggests Changing Diet Can Be Used To Treat DepressionWe all know the importance of eating right, but now there's scientific proof that diet can be just as good as medication when it comes to treating moderate to severe depression.
Immunotherapy Offering New Approach To Treating CancerTraditionally, doctors have looked at where a cancer is coming from to target therapy. But, a new approach has come about in the last few years with medicines called immunotherapy.
Doctors Divided On Best Treatment Options For Type 2 DiabetesKeeping your diabetes in check can be tough, and doctors are divided on the best treatment options. So what's best for you?

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