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(Image Courtesy: NASA)

Asteroid Whizzes Past Earth, Captures World’s Attention

Rarely is there a story that captivates the world’s attention as this one has. An asteroid, the size of an apartment building, whizzed past earth. Millions monitored the momentous occasion via the Internet on Friday afternoon.


(Photo credit: Rob Elliott/AFP/Getty Images)

Spectators Gather For Transit Of Venus

At least 200 people gathered at the Carnegie Science Center to witness a celestial event that won’t happen again in this lifetime. The planet Venus began to cross the face of the sun, as viewed from Earth in the 6 p.m. hour.


(Photo Credit: MANAN VATSYAYANA/AFP/Getty Images)

Look Up To See “SuperMoon” On Saturday

You might notice the full moon over Pittsburgh looking a little brighter than usual this weekend.