Officials Pushing For Additional State Film Tax CreditsThe Pittsburgh Film Office is brimming with pride after the Academy Awards nominations came out this morning.
Big-Budget TV Show Threatening To Leave Pittsburgh If Pa. Budget Stalemate ContinuesSome fear the budget stalemate in Harrisburg could end up costing Pittsburgh thousands of jobs and millions of dollars in revenue.
Trailer Released For Will Smith's "Concussion" Shot In PittsburghThe trailer is out for Will Smith’s new movie “Concussion,” which was shot in Pittsburgh.
Vandergrift Transformed As “Banshee” TV Show Films Its Latest Season In Local BoroughGo to Vandergrift these days, and you might think your mind is playing tricks on you.
Movie Industry In Pittsburgh Jeopardized By Low Film Tax CreditWe're so used to movie and TV companies in Pittsburgh with their Hollywood celebrities that it's easy to think this could go on forever. Not true.
Pittsburgh Film Business Reaching New Highs
Pittsburgh Losing Movie Business Because Of Low Tax CreditIn recent years, the production of movies in Pittsburgh has become so commonplace that some may take it for granted. But the truth is Pittsburgh is losing movies to other cities.
Film Tax Credit Saved In Deep Budget CutsOne item that was left untouched by Gov. Tom Corbett’s deep budget cuts is Pennsylvania’s film tax credit. The governor says there was never even a thought to cut it, and that's good news for more than just local star-gazers.
Demonstrators Rally In Support Of Film Tax CreditA big rally was held Friday in front of Gov. Tom Corbett's office in downtown Pittsburgh. Demonstrators are hoping that the governor will keep a special tax incentive in his budget. They say that incentive means jobs in Pittsburgh. Next Tuesday, Gov. Corbett will present his budget to the legislature, and many who support movie-making in Pennsylvania are afraid the he will cut the film tax credit.
Concerns Over Losing State’s Film Tax Credit Grow

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