Food Drug Administration

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Dole Recalls Bagged Salads

Dole is recalling bagged salad in 15 states, including Pennsylvania.


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FDA Approves Nerve-Stimulating Headband To Treat Migraines

Could a headband be a fix for migraines?


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FDA To Set Limit On Arsenic In Apple Juice

It’s one of the most popular drinks among children. In recent years, many parents and consumer groups have expressed their concern about arsenic in apple juice.


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FDA Approves New Obesity Drugs

Could the key to weight loss be in the brain? That’s what drug makers are banking on with the FDA approval of new drugs designed to make you think you’re full.


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Pepsi Special Sold In Japan Claims To Block Fat

What if you could eat a plate of French fries, loaded with calories, and not absorb the fat because of what you’re drinking. Well, that’s exactly what PepsiCo is selling in Japan; and, so far, only in Japan.


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Health Officials Issue Warning About Energy Drinks As FDA Launches Investigation

Energy drinks are all the rage, particularly on college campuses. However, officials are warning that they could do you physical harm and even lead to death.


Dole Lettuce Recall

A major food company is recalling more than 2,500 bags of lettuce. Officials with Dole say they are voluntarily recalling some of the company’s “Hearts of Romaine Salad” because of Listeria concerns. For more information, […]


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Dole Issues Recall Over Listeria Concerns

A major food company is recalling more than 2,500 bags of lettuce.


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FDA Sends Letter To Makers Of Invisalign

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Invisalign, a clear removable device without ceramic brackets or wires, was approved by the Food and Drug administration in 1998. Now the FDA is sending a warning letter to the company it […]