Pittsburgh River Rescue Saves Lost Gosling, Names Her GabbyA lost little gosling was saved thanks to the vigilant Pittsburgh River Rescue patrol.
State Law Making It A Challenge To Clean Geese Droppings From The RiverwalkThe Riverwalk by Pittsburgh's sports stadiums is a beautiful place to walk, run and bike, but not so much lately.
Derry Goose-Prevention Tactic Has Some Residents FrustratedSome Derry residents are angry over the wild appearance of Ethel Springs Lake.
Too Many Geese Leaving North Shore With A Fowl Problem If you’ve spent any time on the North Shore, you know the geese are a problem.
Man Uses Unusual Methods To Shoo Bothersome GeeseProperty owners around the nation have struggled to control exploding populations of geese, but a western Pennsylvania man says he's devised a way to manage them without firing a shot.
Geese Sharing Road With Carnegie MotoristsThere's a bit of a mystery in Carnegie as officials are trying to answer the age old question, why did the geese cross the road?

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