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15 Of The World’s Oldest Bars (The Beer’s Fresh, Though)

Visiting local restaurants and bars is one of the best parts about traveling. Check out any of these old bars – most of which are older than America.


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Best Happy Hours Every Week Night In Pittsburgh

From the best food and drink deals in the city to unique activities and weeknight events, these Monday to Friday happy hour specials will have you turning Monday into fun-day, breezing right over Hump Day and washing down your workweek woes.


Group of friends sharing a table over a drink.  (credit: Tara Moore/GettyImages)

Study: People Are More Happy When Drinking In Groups

People are usually more social and pleasant while bonding with others as the University of Pittsburgh researchers found out as they recently released a study that showed this.


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Bill Would Extend Happy Hour In Pennsylvania

A new bill would make Happy Hour even happier in Pennsylvania. Instead of just two hours, restaurants and bars could have 4-hour Happy Hours.


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Best Unique Happy Hours In Pittsburgh

If you’re looking for an escape following a long day on the job, the Pittsburgh area has several places where you can find some Happy Hour happiness!