Internet Sweepstakes Cafes

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

State Senator Working To Shut Down Illegal Gambling Parlors

They call themselves Internet sweepstakes cafés. You buy a phone card, which buys you time on a computer, and you can play video poker or Keno for cash or prizes. But after KDKA’s reports, the legislature declared them gambling parlors and passed legislation banning them.


(Credit: KDKA)

Pa. House Passes Measure To Ban Internet Sweepstakes Cafes

A KDKA Investigation exposed concerns about so-called internet sweepstakes cafes and today the state legislature took action. Lawmakers unanimously approved a measure to shut down these businesses.


(Credit: KDKA)

Local Internet Sweepstakes Cafes Under Investigation

With players playing video poker, Lucky 7s and keno for cash payouts, State police are investigating whether these internet cafes are violating state gaming laws