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IUP Professor Allegedly Made Homophobic Comments Before

More accusations of bullying against a professor at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. An IUP graduate has contacted KDKA-TV to say the same thing happened to him five years ago with the same professor, and he says his heart broke when he heard that it had happened to someone else.


Christina Santiago, a graduate student, says the comments were made by a professor teaching a business class. (Credit: KDKA)

IUP Professor Accused Of Making Homophobic Comments

A local college student claims she was bullied by her professor because she’s a lesbian. Indiana University of Pennsylvania is conducting an investigation and the claim sparked a tolerance rally on campus.


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Drawings Send Wrong Message On IUP Campus

Students on the campus of Indiana University of Pennsylvania were alarmed and saddened when chalk drawings of someone being hanged were found on two trees.


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Quake Rattles Pittsburgh

Caution tape surrounds the apartment building in Pittsburgh’s Marshall-Shadeland neighborhood after bricks fell from a chimney during Tuesday afternoon’s earthquake. The bricks smashed onto a picnic table a short distance from a 6-year-old boy.


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Woman Accused Of Leaving Daughter In Smoke-Filled Apartment

Police say a local woman left her 15-year-old daughter sleeping in a smoke-filled apartment. It all started at about 1:30 a.m. Saturday when police and firefighters responded to a 911 call at an apartment on North 8th Street.


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Man Dies 3 Weeks After Helicopter Crash

A man injured in a helicopter crash near the IUP campus last month has died.


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Textbook Buyback Clerk Robbed Near IUP

A woman working in a mobile textbook buyback kiosk was pepper sprayed and robbed near the IUP campus earlier this week.


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Crews Remove Chopper Wreckage, Investigation Begins

Officials with the Federal Aviation Administration and National Transportation Safety Board are investigating after a helicopter crashed to the ground late Saturday night while filming for a reality show near a college campus in Indiana County.


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3 Injured In Indiana County Helicopter Crash

Four people were injured Saturday night when a helicopter, which was reportedly filming for a reality television show, crashed near the campus of Indiana University of Pennsylvania.


Mayhle/KPMG Memorial Scholarship

A local accounting firm is establishing a scholarship at Indiana University of Pennsylvania in honor of fallen Pittsburgh Police Officer Stephen Mayhle.


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6 Shots Fired Near IUP Tennis Courts

Someone fired six shots during a confrontation near the tennis courts at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, according to Indiana Borough police.


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IUP Unveils Brand New Athletic Center

Indiana University of Pennsylvania celebrated the opening of its new athletic center today with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.


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Black History Month: IUP Virtual Life

INDIANA, Pa. (KDKA) — A group of communications graduate students at Indiana University of Pennsylvania have created a digital world that makes it easier for people to learn about the Civil Rights Movement. “I really […]


Fast Track To College

Dean of the College of Education at IUP, Mary Ann Rafoth tells Mike that she has some concerns if children are allowed to graduate high school two years early to enter college sooner.