Jane Orie

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Orie Found Guilty On 14 Of 24 Counts

The jury has reached a verdict in the corruption trial of State Sen. Jane Orie. Jurors have found State Sen. Jane Orie guilty on two counts of theft of services and guilty of conspiracy, guilty of forgery and not guilty of perjury.


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Deliberations Conclude For Night In Orie Corruption Trial

Jury deliberations resumed Sunday morning in the corruption trial of State Sen. Jane Orie.


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Jury Reaches Impasse In Orie Trial, Deliberations To Continue

Jury deliberations ended Saturday evening in another day of the corruption trial of State Sen. Jane Orie. The jury retired for the night around 8 p.m. They will resume deliberations Sunday.


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Deliberations To Resume In Orie Corruption Trial

Jury deliberations will resume at 9 a.m. Saturday in the corruption trial of State Sen. Jane Orie.


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Deliberations To Resume Friday In Orie Corruption Trial

The jury began deliberations in the re-trial State Sen. Jane Orie following closing arguments, which got underway this morning.


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Orie On Stand For 3rd Day As Trial Winds Down

The second corruption trial for State Sen. Jane Orie is winding down. Once again today, Orie spent most of the day on the stand as the jury prepares to decide the case by the weekend.


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Prosecution Questions State Sen. Jane Orie

The prosecution began cross-examining State Sen. Jane Orie in her corruption trial. So far, the questioning has focused on her employees doing campaign work on state time.


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State Sen. Jane Orie Testifies During Corruption Trial

State Sen. Jane Orie took the stand Monday in her corruption trial on Monday.


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Document Analyst Testifies At Orie Re-Trial

As prosecutors wrapped up their case in the re-trial of State Sen. Jane Orie, they recalled to the stand former chief-of-staff Jamie Pavlot, whose signature is the focus of the controversial forged documents.


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Former Chief Of Staff Testifies At Orie Retrial

Police surveillance pictures showed Jamie Pavlot removing boxes of campaign materials from Orie’s office on McKnight Road. When asked why she did it, she said, “I was protecting my boss.”


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Retrial Begins For State Sen. Jane Orie

Opening statements were given in the retrial for State Sen. Jane Orie that began Wednesday morning.


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Jury Selection Complete For State Sen. Jane Orie Trial

All 12 jurors, in addition to four alternates, have been selected for the retrial of State Sen. Jane Orie.


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Jane Orie, Janine Orie To Have Separate Trials

Jane Orie and her sister, Janine, were tried together in the corruption trial that ended in mistrial last year. What caused the mistrial was a document presented by the defense that the prosecution says was forged.


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State Sen. Orie Testifies During Hearing

At a hearing to determine whether her defense attorney can continue to represent her, Sen. Jane Orie testified that she wants to keep William Costopoulos as her lawyer.


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Sen. Orie Waives Preliminary Hearing

State Sen. Jane Orie was scheduled to face a preliminary hearing Tuesday morning, but decided to waive it to trial