Kayla Posney

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Ask An Expert: Hottest Trends In Pittsburgh This Spring

Spring is the ideal time of year to purge your closet of any outdated or out-of-style accessories and clothing items to make room for the year’s upcoming trends.


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Ask A Pittsburgh Expert: Tips On Finding Deals Shopping Online

Examiner.com fashionista freelance writer Kayla Posney offers her five best tips on finding the biggest deals when shopping online.


Verrier at Fashion Week

Ask A Pittsburgh Expert: Tips For College Style Essentials

Kayla Posney, fashionista and Examiner.com’s budget fashion writer, shares everything you need to know to help you head back to class in style.


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2013 Spring Fashion Tips From A Pittsburgh Fashionista

Celebrate the New Year in style with a new look courtesy of these spring 2013 fashion tips.