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North Side Marine Killed In Korea 60 Years Ago Finally Brought Home

A North Side boy is back with his family and they say “Welcome home.”


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Locals Spend Christmas Seeing “The Interview”

Moviegoers were at the South Side Works to see the controversial film “The Interview” on Christmas.


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Hines Ward Hosts Bi-Racial Kids From Korea

Hines Ward is hosting a group of bi-racial children from Korea. This is the sixth year for the program. The children live a life of discrimination – much like he did growing up along with his mother.


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Ward Named Goodwill Ambassador To Korea

A huge honor was bestowed upon Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward Tuesday.


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Hines Ward Welcomes Biracial Korean Children

Eight lucky Korean children met Hines Ward at the Pittsburgh International Airport as a part of the Steelers wide receiver’s fifth annual program benefiting biracial Korean children. The Hines Ward Helping Hands Korea Foundation will […]