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Should We Ban Sugary Soda?

Leslie Bonci, Director of Sports Nutrition at UPMC, joined Larry Richert to talk about the news of New York’s ban on sugary soda.

NewsRadio 1020 KDKA–06/18/2012

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Cooking With Rania: Healthy Eating For Singles

This week, Rania Harris and Leslie Bonci are in the Pittsburgh Today Live kitchen with some great Thai recipes perfect for any single person on the go!


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UPMC Dietician Explains ‘The Active Calorie Diet’

Leslie Bonci is the dietician to the stars of Pittsburgh sports as well as other professional sports teams around the country. Now, she’s put her weight loss advice in a book called “The Active Calorie Diet.”


Leslie Bonci: The Active Calorie Diet

To learn more about Leslie Bonci’s new book, The Active Calorie Diet, visit: ActiveCalorieDiet.com. You can also find it on Amazon, by clicking here.


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How To Have A Healthy Holiday

Rose Ryan-Douglas was joined on NewsRadio1020 KDKA’s Afternoon News by Leslie Bonci, director of sports nutrition at the UPMC Center for Sports Medicine.

NewsRadio 1020 KDKA–12/21/2011

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Expert Offers Tips For A Healthier Halloween

When it comes to holiday overeating, few traditions can compete with the ceremonial candy binge that comes with Halloween night. But with sky-high rates of obesity and heart disease reaching across the country, some experts are looking for healthier alternatives to chocolaty treats.

NewsRadio 1020 KDKA–10/26/2011

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Study Ranks Pennsylvania 19th On List Of Most Obese States

According to a new report by the Trust for America’s Health, Pennsylvania is among those states ranked highest in obesity. Out of 50 states and the District of Columbia, Pennsylvania ranks as 19th on the list of the most obese states.


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Dietician Discusses Potential Benefits Of African Mango

Doctor Oz called African Mango a “miracle in your medicine cabinet” that can help you lose 10 pounds. But what is it and how does it work?


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Dukan Diet Gets Put To The Test

The Dukan Diet book was just released a few weeks ago in the United States and KDKA-TV’s Kristine Sorensen recruited a local woman to try it out.


Dietician Leslie Bonci looks after the Steelers eating habits. (Photo Credit: KDKA)

Dietician Looks After Steelers’ Eating Habits As Game Approaches

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Ever wonder what the Steelers eat to get ready for a big game? As the team gets ready for their trip to Dallas and matchup with the Green Bay Packers, their dietician […]



Chemicals In Your Food Making You Fat?

If you try to lose weight and it just doesn’t work, could chemicals in your food be to blame? Some people believe chemical compounds called obesogens could be a major factor in making people fat. […]


The Importance of Breakfast Before School

Kids need fuel to start their day right as they head off to school, so Larry and John talk to nutritionist Leslie Bonci about breakfast for your little students.