Pirates' Steve Blass Discusses His BookPirates' broadcaster Steve Blass got drafted by the Pittsburgh Pirates out of high school.
Cinema Expert Previews Academy Awards Who will win Best Picture? The answers will be revealed Sunday, but KDKA Radio's Mike Romigh got a preview with cinema expert Bill Timoney.
Futurist Predicts The Year AheadFuturist Patrick Tucker joined KDKA’s Mike Romigh to talk about the future. Tucker is the deputy editor of “The Futurist” Magazine. He is also a science journalist and editor.
What Are Your Classic Albums Worth?Mighty John Marshall is a renowned expert; questions from callers about the value of their classic albums.
What's In Your Handwriting?Handwriting identification expert Michelle Dresbold checked in with Mike Romigh this evening on NewsRadio 1020 KDKA.

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