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Husky Sentenced To Out-Of-State Dog Sanctuary

“Nikko” or “Helo” as he’s now called has been given a life sentence.


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Dog Expert Testifies During Hearing In McKeesport Husky Case

The fate of a Husky blamed in the death of a newborn in McKeesport was debated Thursday in court. A three-day-old baby died after he was bitten by the Husky back in February. Because of that incident, the dog has been classified as dangerous.


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Mother Of Baby Killed By Dog Charged With Misdemeanor

Allegheny County Police are filing a single count of “harboring a dangerous animal in which injury or death occurs” against Brandy Furlong. It is considered a first class misdemeanor. She faces a magistrate’s hearing.


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Judge Orders Husky To Be Put Under Behavioral Supervision

A court hearing was held today over the fate of the dog blamed in the death of a newborn baby in McKeesport last month.