Deadline To Register To Vote ApproachesThe deadline to register to vote for the November election is just a few weeks away.
Pittsburgh Has One Of The Warmest Novembers On RecordIt’s been a November to remember. In fact, few alive today could say they remember a November like what we just had.
A History Of The Holidays From Thanksgiving To New Years'How many people actually know the history behind one of the most joyous seasons?
Virgin America Turns To Song, Dance And Rap In New Safety VideoAirlines have tried various gimmicks over the years to get you to pay attention to their safety instructions, but Virgin America is jazzing up their presentation, literally.
Man Charged For Hunting In A Walmart Parking LotAn Indiana County man is facing several charges, after wildlife officials say he went deer hunting in a Walmart parking lot.
Poll: Congress Deserves Re-ElectionA new poll from the USA Today shows most of the American people believe members of Congress deserve to be re-elected.

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