Occupy Pittsburgh

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Protestors Break Windows At Municipal Courts Building

They say they lead a non-violent movement, but did members of Occupy Pittsburgh smash windows at the Municipal Courts building?


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Occupy Pittsburgh Protestors Prepared For Cold

Despite the snow and bone-chilling temperatures many Occupy Pittsburgh demonstrators say they are ready for the long, cold winter. “I know it’s cold, but we will survive,” one protestor told KDKA-TV.


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Occupy Pittsburgh, BNY Mellon Back In Court

Occupy Pittsburgh protesters were back in court today facing BNY Mellon. An injunction was filed earlier this month to evict the protesters from the BNY Mellon Green, but the legal battle continues.


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Occupy Wallstreet Protests – The Legal Breakdown

Paul Rasmussen was joined on the NewsRadio1020 KDKA Afternoon News by Dwight Ferguson, real estate attorney for Lynch Weis.

NewsRadio 1020 KDKA–12/12/2011

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BNY Mellon Files Injunction To Send Protesters Packing

Occupy Pittsburgh protesters have been busy preparing for winter, but if BNY Mellon has its way, they won’t have to worry about the plunging temperatures for long.


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Deadline Passes, Occupy Pittsburgh Stays Put

In addition to battling frigid temperatures, Occupy Pittsburgh protesters are fending off a fight to evict them from their downtown location.


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Occupy Pittsburgh Protesters Undaunted By Ultimatum

Time is running out for Occupy Pittsburgh. BNY Mellon has issued an ultimatum, threatening to go to court if tents are not removed from BNY Mellon Green by noon Sunday.


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BNY Mellon Asks ‘Occupy’ To Leave, Protestors Vow To Stay

Occupy Pittsburgh protestors got the word from BNY Mellon to pack up and leave or the bank will go to court to ask for an injunction.


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Occupy Pittsburgh Protestors Mark Thanksgiving

In some ways the protesters of Occupy Pittsburgh and the pilgrim fathers of that first Thanksgiving 390 years ago are not so very different. Certainly, they share a freedom of expression.


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Protestors With Occupy Movement March Over Greenfield Bridge

Protestors with Occupy Pittsburgh held marched over the Greenfield Bridge in response to a call for a national day of action. The group held a rally at Magee Park in Pittsburgh’s Greenfield neighborhood before taking their message to the streets – close to the start of the evening rush hour.


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5 Occupy Pittsburgh Protestors Arrested

Five protestors with Occupy Pittsburgh and anti-drilling activists have been arrested. Tuesday marked the first day of a three-day Marcellus and Utica Shale conference at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center.


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Occupy Pittsburgh Holds March In Oakland

As many as 250 “Occupy Pittsburgh” protestors marched in Oakland Wednesday night, gathering on the steps of Soldiers and Sailors Hall for speeches.


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Occupy Pittsburgh Protestors Enter PNC Bank Branch

The PNC Bank at Fifth Avenue and Market Street closed because of an Occupy Pittsburgh protest Wednesday afternoon. Four to five members of the group apparently went inside the bank – possibly attempting to open PNC accounts with change.


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Occupy Pittsburgh Seems Here To Stay

In the shadows of the banking giant BNY Mellon, the Occupy Pittsburgh encampment on Mellon’s property has a summer camp feeling, albeit a tent city after a deluge of rain. The occupation could last awhile.


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Occupy Wall Street Movement Comes To Pittsburgh

The Occupy Wall Street movement arrived in Pittsburgh Saturday as a crowd estimated around 2,000 people marched, rallied and protested against corporate greed and social inequality. It was a peaceful crowd of union members, college students and parents with kids.