Parking Garages

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Pittsburgh Parking Authority Rate Increases About To Kick In

Get ready to pay more to park in Downtown Pittsburgh, Oakland, Shadyside and on the North Shore.


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Pittsburgh Parking Authority Approves Rate Increases

The daily and lease rates at Pittsburgh Parking Authority lots and garages will rise beginning August 1.


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Some Parking Rates Increase In Downtown Pittsburgh In New Year

As we usher in the New Year, get ready for higher parking rates at certain lots in the City of Pittsburgh.


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Ravenstahl: State Takeover Of Pension Fund Likely

While Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl was off meeting with high-powered business leaders in Asia, his plan to lease the city’s parking garages and meters quickly unraveled. “It’s pretty clear where council stands,” he said. There […]


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City Councilman Critical Of Mayor’s Parking Plan

A Pittsburgh City Councilman is coming out strong against a plan to privatize parking in the City of Pittsburgh. City Council Finance Chair Bill Peduto warns that skyrocketing parking rates under the mayor’s plan will, […]