Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy

Westinghouse Memorial, Schenley Park

Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy Working To Restore Schenley Park’s Westinghouse Memorial

If you’ve ever been to Schenley Park, you have likely walked by the Westinghouse Memorial, but over the years it has fallen into disrepair.


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Mellon Square Park Reopens After 6-Year Renovation Project

It was like old times as the lunch hour crowd gathered in Mellon Square Park Thursday afternoon.


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Region Fights To Stop Spread Of Oak Wilt

The drone of the chainsaw is filling the woods of Riverside Park as dozens of infected oak trees are being felled. It’s bold action to stop the spread of the oak wilt virus which poses a threat nearly a quarter of our trees — not just in the major parks but throughout the region.


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Mellon Green Park To Reopen With A Gate

A chain link fence now shuts the public off from a green oasis along Smithfield Street that became a tent city for Occupy Pittsburgh last fall, but now the park is coming back.


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Plans Revealed For New Environmental Center At Frick Park

The original Frick Park Environmental Center went up in flames nearly 10 years ago after vandals set it ablaze, but plans are in the works to build a new center. The proposed facility is expected to cost $10 million and will have a new look.


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Restoration Plans In Works For Local Parks

Pittsburgh and its surrounding areas have some beautiful parks, but some of those spaces have been overlooked for years.


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Emerald Ash Borer Killing Local Ash Tree Population

The hot weather and lush greenery has returned to North Park, but some trees didn’t make it to the party this year. Around the park, hundreds of green and white ash trees are now dead or dying – the victims of a beetle from China called the Emerald Ash Borer, which preys on ash trees as its name suggests.



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