Pittsburgh Poison Control Center

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Poison Control Center Calls Increasing Because Of E-Cigarettes

A source of poisoning in Pittsburgh is actually electronic: e-cigarettes.


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2.3 Million Triaminic, Theraflu Products Recalled

Triaminic and Theraflu products have been recalled for failing to meet child-resistant closure requirements.


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Dangerous Flu Season Causing Medication Overdose Worries

Natlie Groves doesn’t feel well. She’s battling the flu. Her mom turned to over-the-counter medicines for relief, but was concerned about the ingredients in all the different options.


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Proctor & Gamble To Redesign Detergent Pod Containers

They look like ribbon candy, but they are far from it. Ten children in our area have eaten swirly, brightly-colored laundry detergent packs. This has led to calls to the Poison Control Center.


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FDA Panel Reviews Dosage Information For Acetaminophen

If you look on a bottle of children’s acetaminophen, you’ll see the instructions for infants are pretty much non-existent. It only says to call your doctor.