Pittsburgh Water & Sewer Authority

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Class Action Lawsuit Seeks Damages & Action On Incorrect Water Bills

A Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority customer is suing claiming she and other customers have been overbilled by as much as 600 percent and threatened with shut-off notices due to faulty radio-controlled water meters.


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PWSA Working To Have Water Service Restored In Millvale Later This Week

The Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority is now working with the Red Cross to help a Millvale woman who has been without water service for almost two weeks.


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Broken Water Line Leaves Millvale Residents High & Dry

The Pittsburgh Water & Sewer Authority will start digging Friday morning to try to repair a water main problem that has left about a dozen customers with no water or low pressure in Millvale.


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Cold Temperatures Wreaking Havoc On The City

Pittsburgh Public Works says its working to stay ahead of the storm, keeping a constant eye on the roads.


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Crews To Fix Water Flow Problem Near School In Arlington

Water crews are expected to be out in Pittsburgh’s Arlington neighborhood today.


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Series Of Water Main Breaks Keeping Crews Busy

If you’re keeping score, there were at least five water main breaks in the City of Pittsburgh Wednesday.


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KD Investigates: Sewer Fixes Could Bankrupt Homeowners

It’s a requirement aimed at cleaning up our waterway, but for some homeowners, like Dale Redpath, it could mean bankruptcy.


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Water Treatment Officials Warn About Flushing Wipes

Water treatment plants all across the country are trying to get the message out to be very careful about what you flush down the toilet.


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Pittsburgh Water & Sewer Authority Votes To Raise Water Rates

Every time you turn on that shower or flush that toilet bowl, the dollars start adding up. By a 5-to-1 vote, the Pittsburgh Water & Sewer Authority raised its water rates by five percent. It’s the third year in a row for a rate hike.


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Pittsburgh Water & Sewer Authority Proposes Rate Hike

It’s no secret that Pittsburgh’s water lines have seen better days. There are dozens of main line breaks in the antiquated system which waste millions of gallons of water each year.


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Water Service Restored In Oakland

Water service has been restored in Oakland. According to Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority officials, a 12-inch line broke on Bates Street Tuesday morning.


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Alcosan, PWSA Address Flash Flooding On Washington Blvd.

Alcosan sat down with the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority. They looked at their maps, drawings and charts and determined their systems were what they were supposed to be.


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Marcellus Shale Industry Ready To Comply

Every day, trucks offload natural gas drilling wastewater at the McKeesport Water Authority treatment plant. Once treated inside, the cleaner water is discharged into the Monongahela River. Come May 19, that will stop.


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Summer Hill Neighbors Worried About Sliding Hillside

About 10 families in Summer Hill are worried about the rain and the hillside that is creeping toward their homes.