Property Assessment

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Pa. Leads In Casino Tax Revenue, But Homeowners Find Little Relief

Pennsylvania may take in more casino tax dollars than Nevada, but have you seen your school property taxes go down as promised?


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Homeowners Pack Assessment Appeal Assistance Meetings

Confused homeowners packed a meeting designed to answer questions about the Allegheny County property assessments.


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Mt. Washington Parking Space Assessed At Nearly $300,000

A lot of city property owners are outraged over their reassessments, but one man says his beats them all. The value of his 18-by-10-foot parking space on Mt. Washington jumped from $5,000 to more than $287,000.


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How To Appeal Your Property Assessment

Some homeowners lined up in the county assessment office Thursday to seek an informal review while others like attorney Lloyd Welling filed for formal appeals. Attorneys who fight assessments for a living say if you have any misgivings about your assessment, immediately file for the informal review process.


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Allegheny County Assessor Facing Charges

Allegheny County has embarked on another property reassessment, determining how much tax individual residents and business will have to pay going forward. The people who determine those values are in a position of public trust.