Rashall Brackney

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KDKA Investigation: CYF Response In Child Endangerment Cases

Children found without food, in soiled clothes, abandoned by drug-addicted or alcoholic parents.


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Police Surround House In Beltzhoover

Police surrounded a home in Beltzhoover. This happened in the 300-block of Michigan Street.


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Judge Dismisses PFA Filed Against Pittsburgh Police Commander

A protection from abuse order against a Pittsburgh police commander has been dismissed.


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Cigar Store Owner Testifies, Commander Brackney Sequestered

While cigar store owner Andrew Lee testified, Zone 1 Pittsburgh Police Commander RaShall Brackney was sequestered behind a glass door, prohibited to having face-to-face contact with Lee, speaking through a spokesperson.


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North Side Business Owner Files PFA Against Police Commander

The owner of a North Side business has filed a protection from abuse order against Zone 1 Pittsburgh Police Commander RaShall Brackney. She must now have no contact with Andrew Lee who claims Brackney threatened him.


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Brother Of Boy Killed By Homeless Man Accused In Attack

The brother of a boy who was mutilated and murdered by a homeless man more than 10 years ago is accused of attacking the homeless.


(Image Courtesy: City of Pittsburgh Bureau of Police)

Police Seek UPS “Grinch” Theft Suspect

Police say surveillance video helped them crack a case that reminded some of “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.” An arrest warrant has been issued for 24-year-old Guy Palmer.