Rendell Warns of Layoffs Without US Budget Aid

Gov. Ed Rendell says layoffs of teachers and state and local government employees will result if Pennsylvania doesn’t get $850 million in budget help from the federal government.


Pa. House Speaker Blasts Rendell Over PennDOT Unit

Pennsylvania House Speaker Keith McCall is blasting Gov. Ed Rendell for breaking up a unit within the state Department of Transportation that’s been used by lawmakers to assist their constituents.


Rendell Says Taxpayers Won't Pay for Research

Gov. Ed Rendell says taxpayers won’t be billed after all for a partisan research project aimed at building support for his budget proposals.


Rendell: Sestak Affair ‘Hard-knuckle Politics’

Gov. Ed Rendell is defending the White House’s actions in enlisting former president Bill Clinton to try to ease U.S. Rep. Joe Sestak out of Pennsylvania’s Senate primary with a job offer.


Rendell Warns Lawmakers to Act on Transportation

Gov. Ed Rendell has warned state lawmakers of disaster if they fail to dedicate additional dollars for Pennsylvania’s highways, bridges and mass transit agencies by the end of the year.


Rendell: Layoffs, New Taxes to Fill Pa. Budget Gap

Gov. Ed Rendell is calling for tax increases to limit the number of state employee layoffs or furloughs that are likely to result from Pennsylvania’s growing state budget shortfall.


Pa. Flags to Lower to Half-staff to Honor Height

Gov. Ed Rendell is ordering flags on Pennsylvania state facilities to half-staff in honor of the late civil rights leader Dorothy Height.


Harrisburg to Take Up Transportation Funding Issue

Governor Ed Rendell wants a special legislative session on Pennsylvania’s transportation funding problems to begin next week.